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CIC Plus + Wells Fargo: Better Together.

CIC Plus has been a leader in employer compliance for over 20 years. Our compliance experts and best-in-class technology can help Wells Fargo overcome significant challenges brought on by today’s unique workforce, including the rise of remote working and the constant updating of forms each year.

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CIC Plus Employee Onboarding
Working Remotely

How CIC Plus Can Help Wells Fargo

Today, 59% of the workforce are currently working remotely and this trend isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. This continuously evolving workforce and added complexity of onboarding a geographically diverse workforce, can put an administrative strain on your HR and Payroll teams. Not to mention the challenge your HR and Payroll teams face when trying to stay up to date on constantly evolving regulations. 


Is Your Payroll Team Struggling to Manage Tax Withholding for the New Hybrid Workforce?

Employers rely on CIC Plus’ Tax Withholding Services to remove the complexities inherent in manually managing tax withholding.

Automatic Updates

CIC Plus eliminates the need to continually monitor and implement tax form updates. Our Tax Withholding Services support 120+ different tax withholding forms, including U.S. federal, state, local & territories, along with Canadian federal & provincial jurisdictions.

Ensure Compliance

CIC Plus’ Tax Withholding Services validate the employee’s work and home addresses then automatically presents the correct tax forms to each employee based on their locations to ensure you are withholding the appropriate taxes in accordance to jurisdictions.

Seamless Integration

CIC Plus integrates our Tax Withholding Services directly into Workday giving your employees a seamless onboarding experience.

Multi-Address Withholding

Designed for your remote workforce, our multi-address withholding form allows employees to allocate work percentages for each work location to ensure employees are being taxed correctly – no matter where they live or work.


Cloud Transition Services

Maintain access to historical pay & tax statements when undergoing an HRIS transition and remove administrative burdens & cost associated with maintaining a legacy system.

Workday Select Partnership
Workday software partner since 2013

As a Workday software partner, we are considered an extension of Workday.

Together, we provide seamless integrations that are essential for organizations to operate at their full potential.

Company & Product Resources

For more information about how CIC Plus’ solutions can benefit Wells Fargo, please check out our library of datasheets and videos.

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About CIC Plus

Our solutions ensure compliance across the full employee lifecycle. CIC Plus helps large employers across a wide range of industries to meet their ever-evolving needs to minimize compliance risk, improve HR + Payroll efficiency, deliver a better employee experience and integrates seamlessly with leading technology platforms.

Workday + CIC Plus

About Workday Partnership

Our certified integration with Workday ensures a fully compliant tax withholding experience for new hires during onboarding, while easing the administrative burden for the payroll department.


What our clients say

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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