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Overcoming the Challenges of the I-9 Process

CIC Plus I-9 Webinar

Our Speakers Include:
Karen Perron, Director Product Management Office
Jack Nolan, VP of Business Development
Renee Fsadni, HR Manager, CPP
Zoreneida Galarza, Team Lead

What Employers Need to Know:

Pressure from ICE to meet all the requirements for I-9 verification continues to mount.  Meanwhile, navigating through all the steps needed to complete an I-9 correctly can be challenging for both your HR team and your new employees.

This webinar will help your team ensure compliance as we cover the following:

  • Latest developments from the USCIS I-9 review and the impact of the new version of E-Verify
  • Biggest I-9 challenges facing employers and how to overcome them
  • Impact of poor I-9 compliance, including a look at recent ICE activity
  • How Masco Corporation manages its I-9 process to remain compliant
  • Steps you can take today to maintain your I-9 compliance
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