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Tax Withholding Forms

A retailer with stores in 38 states was regularly audited and unable to confidently provide all materials quickly. This process took a lot of time, money, and effort.

They had federal W-4s through their existing system but not the state and local W-4s. With locations in 38 states, that’s a lot of paperwork.

When employees completed their state and local W-4s, they were faxed to the corporate office to be manually keyed into the payroll system. There was no way to tell if forms were current or correctly completed.  In many cases, follow up was needed to confirm the form information including withholding amounts.

That’s why they came to CIC Plus. We implemented our comprehensive electronic signature W-4 solution. This online portal provides employees with specific federal, state, and local W-4s based on each specific employee’s location details.

When audits happen now specific forms can be found and provided quickly.