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Pharmaceutical Company

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Custom Employee Forms

A worldwide pharmaceutical company recently transitioned to new management. This sweeping change resulted in new, company-wide policies and procedures that needed to be communicated to current employees, all 7,500 of them. To ensure everyone was up to date, all employees were required to read and sign these new forms immediately.

The company’s existing process was paper-based and resulted in a long and inefficient ordeal. Distributing 7,500 copies for each policy, procedure, and addendum, getting every employee to review and sign each document, and then collecting and recording each form was a challenge. Not to mention tracking down the employees who had incorrect forms. It took quite a toll on their HR department.

To simplify this long process, CIC Plus used our E-Forms Engine to create an online portal for all the company’s new forms. We converted and uploaded all of their documents to a custom online environment where employees could review and sign electronically. Inside the portal, employees had access to all the new forms and historical documents they already completed

Administrative users had immediate access to see which forms were completed, still pending, or had errors. By cutting down on paper, time, staff, and employee runaround, they saved money and made their company transition as smooth as possible.