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August 2, 2020
Products :
W-4 & I-9
Industry :
Food & Beverage

The Background

Merieux NutriSciences was in the midst of an important corporate HR initiative to fully automate the new hire Onboarding experience. After selecting Cornerstone, they went out to the Cornerstone Edge Marketplace to find the right partner.

The Challenge

Without an automated I-9 verification process, the likelihood of incomplete or inaccurate I-9 forms increases, resulting in potential compliance issues and penalties. Any manual process has its obstacles, and that’s certainly true for managing local tax elections. The process can be complicated, depending on where an employee lives and works, leading to payroll inaccuracies and non-compliance if managed incorrectly.

The Solution

Merieux leverages CIC Plus’ I-9 Management System to ensure the successful completion of I-9 forms for new employees. CIC Plus’ solution enables admins to complete the entire I-9 process in one system with the certified E-Verify integration. Merieux also uses CIC Plus’ tax withholding solution through Cornerstone Onboarding to manage their federal, state and local tax elections. This solution validates the employee’s address and automatically presents the correct tax forms to each employee based on their information. All manual processes are eliminated. Ultimately, automation and HR compliance were at the root of their decision to select our solutions working together.

Learn more on how to empower your new-hire process with a fully automated I-9 Management System that seamlessly connects with Cornerstone.

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