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Large Retailer

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Custom Employee Forms

A U.S. retailer came to us with a serious issue. Their company call center was bombarded by former employee requests. (It was 18% of all calls!)

That retailer had 7,000 employees in more than 100 stores. They had to find a way to help former employees without the time and costs involved (and without neglecting their current employees). One way to minimize the costs and headaches of serving former employees is to have their information available electronically, which is what the retailer did. Most employees lose intranet access once they leave, which is why a secure online portal that provides access to just their forms is a great solution.

For this retailer, an online portal gave former employees access to their information, easy integration with their existing system, and the ability to limit former employees’ access to sensitive company information. Everything in one place means no one-off mailings, no calls, no headaches, and more time for their payroll department to focus on their current workforce.