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Large Hospital

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Custom Employee Forms

The Situation

A large hospital in New York was caught off guard by the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act and needed to have 19,000 employees comply fast. The act requires all New York employees to review and acknowledge they know their pay rate, annually. The coordination to be compliant required a lot of additional time and effort, especially since the form was needed in 7 languages.

The Solution

With our one-of-a-kind E-Forms Engine technology, we built a custom portal for all hospital staff to access, review (in the language of choice), and electronically sign the specific form quickly and easily. Through the portal, the HR department had an accurate audit trail for each employee to ensure compliance. Plus, the hospital had the capability to send custom messages to employees based on their role or position.

The Results

With the CIC Plus portal, 98% of the client’s employees signed the form in the first month.