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Major Grocery Retailer

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When you grow a small butter processing shop in a converted house in rural Kansas into one of the world’s largest milking operations some 80 years later, attention to detail and sound business operations are clearly part of your recipe for success. Today, the company provides sweet treats, dairy products and market goods to eager and loyal customers visiting the retailer’s more than 300 stores across five states. And the third-generation family business has grown to now support over 12,000 employees.

One of the challenges the company is faced with is providing HR and Payroll services to its diverse range of employees—from smart phone carrying high school students to others with limited access to computers. The company wants the cost and efficiency savings of delivering employee information online. However, they weren’t satisfied with the service provided by their current provider, who delivered pay statements and year end tax statements, among other services. Employees continually called the Payroll team with service issues and questions, which distracted the team from their intended responsibilities. The team knew they had to come up with a new recipe.


The grocery retailer was seeking a provider who could offer an easy-to-use website for their employees to quickly access their employee statements. After considering several providers, they selected CIC Plus based on their ability to deliver all services from the same platform. Employees gain access to their pay statements, year-end tax statements and ACA statements all from CIC Plus’ experience working with 800+ employers helped make the implementation of the new services seamless as well.


The change to CIC Plus was felt immediately by employees as well as the Payroll team. There was a decline in the number of support calls made by employees. Enabling employees to be self-sufficient had the corresponding effect of allowing the retailer’s Payroll team to focus on other business priorities. Administrators have also benefited by gaining easy visibility into employee records to make any necessary changes quickly.

“Our employees really appreciate being able to access their pay statements along with year-end statements all from one user-friendly location. CIC Plus makes it easy with”  — Payroll Manager for a major grocery retailer