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Construction Material Company

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A new payroll staff member at a construction materials company with over 11,000 employees had recently left a company that used and loved the CIC Plus year-end solution. She encouraged her new company to consider us for their W-2s. They took her advice, and with our help it was the smoothest year-end they had ever experienced.

The following year, an initiative came from management to pursue online pay stubs. With both online W-2s and pay stubs, the company saw huge results with enrollment rates 48% for online W-2s and 64% for online pay stubs. The company took a broader approach and discussed how employee self-service would affect the entire organization. Both HR and payroll departments came to the table with their e-forms wish lists.

Following their checklist of e-form wants, CIC Plus built a single online platform for all W-2s, pay stubs, and W-4s, with the option of having online HR forms in the future.