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Stress-Free Payroll Tax Management

Removing the complexities of managing tax withholding can give your Payroll team peace of mind.

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Are you having a stress free payroll experience?

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Are you able to stay up to date on all tax regulatory changes?


We’re constantly spinning in the hamster wheel of tax updates.


We update the 60%+ of tax forms that get changed each year.

Are all your payroll workflows seamlessly integrated?


We have too many systems and processes which keep our Payroll team up late at night.


Our payroll processes are integrated and automated, giving us a chance to focus on our business priorities.

Are you able to capture accurate tax withholding information from employees the first time?


Making sure new employees are completing the right tax forms—especially at the state and local level—brings on constant headaches.


Our employees receive all necessary tax forms with no support needed by our Payroll team

If you’ve answered no to any of our questions, CIC Plus can help give you peace of mind when it comes to payroll compliance.

Employers rely on CIC Plus and our Tax Withholding Services to remove the complexities inherent in managing tax compliance via:

Automatic Updates

CIC Plus eliminates the need to continually monitor and implement tax form updates. Our Tax Withholding Services support 120+ different tax withholding forms, including U.S. federal, state, local & territories, along with Canadian federal & provincial jurisdictions.

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Seamless Integrations

CIC Plus integrates our industry-defining Tax Withholding Services directly into leading technology platforms—including Workday, ServiceNow, Cornerstone and Oracle—giving your employees a seamless onboarding experience.

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