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Serving Year-End Success to a Large Restaurant

Serving Year-End Success to a Large Restaurant

Client Name

Anonymous Restaurant


Food and Beverage


Year-End Tax Statements

“CIC Plus has a professional, knowledgeable staff that is more customer-focused than any I’ve worked with in my 20 years in payroll.”

We were initially contracted to produce W-2 forms for the restaurant chain for one year. Their payroll department produces over 40,000 forms annually and is prone to high turnover.

Before the restaurant came to us, they handled all W-2 distribution, phone calls, and reprints in-house. The payroll department faced the challenge of hiring reliable, qualified temporary staff annually for their year-end process. Between overtime and issues with the temp workforce, they realized that by coming to us they would save money (and headaches).

Now, their payroll staff can focus on paying employees and taxes on time and accurately instead of dealing with year-end frustration. We want to make the most of your time, too.