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A Large Retailer Gets PA Act 32 Compliant with No Complaints

A Large Retailer Gets PA Act 32 Compliant with No Complaints

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Custom Employee Forms

This large U.S. retailer had employees coast to coast, including 16,000 in Pennsylvania. With the passing of Pennsylvania Act 32, the company had a huge compliance issue.

This act requires employers to identify the municipality, county, political subdivision code, and earned income tax rate for each employee based on where the employee lives and works. To be compliant, this company had to quickly compile information, distribute and collect forms, and finally submit the required information to the proper state agency. With a lot of paper forms, there was a lot of room for error.

The company knew the current process was risky and partnered with CIC Plus for a better alternative. Our team was able to quickly provide a solution that would do the work for them. First, we compiled all of the required information from their payroll system. Then, we built an easy, online portal where employees could review and electronically sign the required forms.

Once the forms were signed, the company submitted the appropriate information to the state with peace of mind knowing it was accurate. The streamlined process and one-of-a-kind solution from CIC Plus enabled the retailer to focus on their employees, and, in turn, the employees could focus on their customers.