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Retailer in the Market for Employee Self-Service

Retailer in the Market for Employee Self-Service

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Anonymous Retailer




Tax Withholding Forms + Year-End Tax Statements

A national retailer had great success with the CIC Plus year-end solution. During their first year with CIC Plus, 14% of their population registered for electronic W-2s. The following year, 21% of their employees were accessing their W-2s electronically.

With these great results, they wanted to expand their portal for more employee self-service. They added electronic signature W-4s, which resulted in a jump to 32% online enrollment for year-end tax statements. Now, all new hires, current, and even former employees can register for electronic W-2s at any time. Increased electronic participation for W-2s and W-4s is a “win-win” for both the company and employees. The retailer experienced cost savings on paper and postage and time savings since all of the forms are automatically validated. The employee benefit is having on-demand access to their forms, plus a streamlined form process that guides them to successful completion.

As an added bonus, the retailer now receives their year-end totals reports within minutes of file upload. This quick turnaround was a huge benefit, saving weeks of waiting time from previous years.