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Ensuring Access for Thousands of Insurance Employees

Ensuring Access for Thousands of Insurance Employees

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Anonymous Insurance Carrier




Online Pay Statements

A large insurance company needed a way to provide online pay statements to their retired employees. This population of 10,000 individuals no longer had access to the company’s intranet, resulting in many calls to the payroll department for pay statement information. Instead, if they could access all of their past information online, it would save the company time by reducing inquiries and save money by reducing the need to print and mail the pay statements every period.

Our team responded by building a convenient, online portal for retirees to access their pay statements. In one place, the former employees had full access to both current and historical pay statements. The custom solution also included the ability to download a PDF version of the pay statement that was tailored to reflect this company’s specific needs. After launch, the head of payroll was happy to say the retirees liked the system. “No pushback from employees at all.”

The CIC Plus solution enabled the payroll department to focus on other tasks instead of spending time on the phone, printing and mailing pay statements. The company is saving time and money by empowering all employees, including those who had retired.