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Magellan Health Delivers an Improved Experience Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Magellan Health Delivers an Improved Experience Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

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Magellan Health




Tax Forms, Year-End & ACA


As a growing health care management provider, Magellan Health wanted to bring its employees the same innovative experience that they deliver for clients. With a large number of new hires each year as a result of business growth and acquisitions, Magellan recognized that using traditional paper forms to collect tax information during new employee onboarding was impacting the employee experience and causing inefficiencies within the Payroll team. The health care provider also had the vision to provide all tax-related information to employees from one convenient location, while giving company alumni required access to their tax statements. Magellan’s Payroll team also wanted to streamline the production and delivery of year-end tax statements, which were printed internally.


Magellan Health turned to CIC Plus to introduce an online portal to automate the collection and management of W-4 tax information. Using address validation, CIC Plus presents employees with the proper federal, state and local tax forms, assuring Magellan Health that the right information is collected the first time. The tax information flows directly back into Magellan’s Workday platform using CIC Plus’ certified platform integration. After experiencing the operational benefits from the new W-4 process, Magellan Health quickly turned its attention to improving its W-2 service. CIC Plus introduced electronic W-2 statements for Magellan employees on the integrated portal and freed resources by managing the production and delivery of printed tax statements. When Affordable Care Act reporting became a requirement with the 2015 tax season, it was a natural extension to add the new health care statement and ensure that employees would have one location for all of their tax-related information.


In a short amount of time, Magellan Health delivered an improved experience for employees throughout their employment lifecycle—from onboarding and ongoing to offboarding. Despite having a brief time to register employees for electronic delivery of their tax statements, Magellan reduced its print production by 35% in the first year. And the initial feedback from employees was very positive; they appreciated the consistency of having one source for all of their tax information. The Magellan Payroll team also saved valuable time by eliminating the time-consuming processes of managing the paper-based W-4 process and producing W-2 statements each year. Magellan Health is now looking for other opportunities to further centralize important employee information in order to maintain HR compliance and drive new levels of efficiency throughout the organization.

“Magellan Health welcomes a large number of new employees each year through recruiting and acquisitions. CIC Plus makes the onboarding process seamless, from the integration with Workday to how employees are guided through the process, allowing us to give our employees the right first experience.”
– Brad Patterson, CPP, Senior Director Payroll, Magellan Health