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Cornell University Delivers an Improved Year-End Tax Filing Process

Cornell University Delivers an Improved Year-End Tax Filing Process

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Cornell University




Year-End Tax Statements


Cornell University didn’t have a lot of time. Tax season was fast approaching as the calendar switched to November. The Payroll team was still adapting to their new Workday platform, which just launched in March, while also serving the needs of employees spread across 30 states. They needed to find a new way to produce year-end tax statements for their 30,000 employees…and do it quickly.


The new director of Payroll, Phil Turke, knew the stakes and the deadlines that had to be met. Cornell had to find a proven provider who could guide them quickly through implementation and the year-end tax filing process—from data preparation to tax statement production and distribution. “If anyone could help me meet our year-end deadlines in such a short timeframe, it was CIC Plus,” explained Phil.

CIC Plus understands their clients and knows what it takes to deliver.
Phil Turke, Director of Payroll

Past experience working with CIC Plus gave Phil, and Cornell, the confidence needed to move forward.


CIC Plus helped ensure that Cornell met all necessary deadlines and experienced a smooth year-end season. The university then turned its attention to addressing other areas of its compliance efforts. After completing a time-consuming audit in New York, which challenged the Payroll team to provide necessary tax records to auditors, Cornell looked to CIC Plus to help streamline its tax withholding forms process. CIC Plus removed the challenge of coordinating W-4 tax forms from employees spread across 30 states, delivering all required tax forms from its easy-to-use online portal. And when the Affordable Care Act was introduced, CIC Plus answered the call providing ACA reporting for all Cornell employees.