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Getting Employees to Click for Online Enrollment of Tax Statements

There’s little debate, electronic delivery of year-end tax statements is good for everyone. Employees who want to file taxes early get statements online up to two weeks before mailed statements. It’s more efficient and cost effective for employers, and even the environment benefits (go green!). So, then why is it so hard to get employees to enroll?

In 2016, less than a quarter of the more than 6 million employees CIC Plus served opted for electronic delivery of W-2 statements. Employees who do opt-in for electronic delivery get their statements quickly, safely and conveniently—on their laptops at home or even from a phone while commuting to work. So, in our always-on-instant-access-to-everything times, you’d think more employees would make the switch.

So, what keeps employees from enrolling?

Opting-in is the only barrier, a requirement from the IRS before employees can receive their W-2 or ACA statements electronically. While it only takes a matter of minutes to do, employees tend to resist. Why?

Change is hard.

People would rather not, even if it means better, easier experiences in the future.

But doing nothing is even more problematic for employers.

  •  The cost to print and mail W-2 statements is costly, a figure that only increases for employers and employees alike with corrections and re-issues.
  • Call volume to your benefits center also increases during year-end season as employees look for their tax statements and have questions.

So, what can employers do to drive higher enrollment for online tax statements?

1)    Take advantage of your open enrollment period: Don’t miss the opportunity while you have employees actively enrolling in benefits to add electronic delivery authorization to your benefits enrollment workflow.

2)    Use onboarding to start off right: The best time for employees to opt-in is when they are completing their onboarding forms during orientation.

3)    Communicate, communicate, communicate: The old adage that you can’t overcommunicate is right. Be sure to share the benefits for employees using a number of different channels (email, intranet notifications, manager communications, video, etc.). Here’s a sample email to help get you started:

Dear [employee’s first name],

You’re one simple step away from getting your tax return completed earlier this year. Sign up today to receive your annual tax and ACA statements electronically.

Enrolling is easy, it only takes a minute, and the benefits to you are significant:

●   It’s fast: Receive your electronic tax statements up to two weeks earlier than a paper statement.

●   It’s safe: Minimize the risk that your W-2 or ACA statements will be stolen, lost, or sent to an incorrect address.

●   It’s convenient: Access and print your statements when you are ready.

●   It’s good for the environment: Reduce your eco-footprint, one envelope at a time.

Please enroll now and enjoy these benefits today.

With open enrollment upon us and tax season right around the corner, now is the time to drive your online enrollment for W-2 and ACA statements. It’s just a click away!