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CIC Plus & ValeU Group

A Special Service for Special Clients.

CIC Plus partners with ValeU Group to broaden client’s awareness of HR, Payroll, & Benefits solutions that exist to optimize their current processes or systems.

ValeU Group is a full-service consulting firm that focuses on retrieving refunds, revealing hidden assets, and reducing costs in often overlooked areas for corporations of all sizes in all industries.

To date, we have saved our clients over $150,000,000.  Our core services include: Tax Planning, Claims Management, Verification of Employment, Unclaimed Property Refund Recovery and Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

ValeU Group’s philosophy is the customer is King!  We pride ourselves in responsiveness and availability.  A single point of contact allows us to provide exceptional customer service to all clients, no matter the size.   Taking pride in responsiveness and availability, it is our relationships that define us.

With ValeU Group you will enjoy a family atmosphere while being empowered by unmatched industry knowledge. Our executives are available 24/7 to assure your needs are met!
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ValeU Group CIC Plus Partner

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