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CIC Plus & LTtax

In control and in compliance.

CIC Plus partners with LTtax to broaden clients’ awareness of HR, Payroll, & Benefits solutions that exist to optimize their current processes or systems.

LTtax is in-house browser-based software that assists medium to large corporations to track and remit payroll withholding tax obligations to the federal, state and local jurisdictions and SUTA tax obligations to the federal and state taxing authorities.

LTtax clients appreciate the ability to have their reports and processes customized to their specifications. The system provides you with complete control of your data and your payroll tax function.  In addition, with LTtax Priority-1 Support Services, you are only a phone call or email away from resolving any issues that may arise.

The system handles an unlimited number of FEINs and jurisdictions, tracks open items, generates NACHA electronic payments and electronic returns, interfaces to your A/P and G/L systems, processes SUI Wage Detail, Multiple Worksite Reporting, and PA ACT 32 filing.
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LTtax CIC Plus Integration

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