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CIC Plus + Kroger: Better Together.

CIC Plus has been a leader in employer compliance for over 20 years. Our employee self-service solution captures & shares critical employee data in the area of HR, Payroll & Benefits to ensure you remain complaint with federal, state, and local regulations.

Our compliance experts and best-in-class technology can help Kroger overcome challenges brought on by today’s unique workforce trends.

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CIC Plus Employee Onboarding
Local Tax Map
Workers Quit/Mo.

How CIC Plus Can Help Kroger

2021 held the highest average for resignations on record – more than 3.9 million workers quit each month according to SHRM. The continual cycle of hiring and rehiring, plus have the added complexity of onboarding a geographically diverse workforce, can put an administrative strain on your HR and Payroll teams.

CIC Plus’ solutions can help Kroger simplify several key onboarding and compliance activities – from automatically identifying and assigning local tax codes to presenting state-required policy and acknowledgement forms based on an employee’s work and home address. CIC Plus can also ensure the delivery of year-end tax statements to your employees on time and in the right format.


Tax Withholding Services

Create a stress-free payroll process ensuring employees complete all necessary federal, state and local tax forms correctly.

Auto-apply local income taxes through address validation

Support your hybrid workforce with multi-address withholding forms

Automatic form updates for 120+ different tax withholding forms

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CIC Plus provides complete, turnkey fulfillment of year-end tax statements– from helping prepare and submit your files to delivering electronic and printed statements to your employees.

Increase the efficiency of your year-end process with our proven approach

Streamline the processing of tax statement corrections & re-issues

CIC Plus’ file processor automatically flags all file errors

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Year-End Payroll Tax Corrections
Compliance Library Forms

Compliance Library

Gain access to a comprehensive library of state-required forms and ensure they are automatically presented to your new hires through address validation.

CIC Plus monitors the latest state regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis

Our Compliance Experts proactively interpret and implement changes as needed

Eliminate the time and burden of managing state-level compliance in-house

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Cloud Transition Services

Maintain access to historical pay & tax statements when undergoing an HRIS transition and remove administrative burdens & cost associated with maintaining a legacy system.

Why Use Cloud Transition Services?

Ensure your HRIS transition goes smoothly, while maintaining your data integrity

All historical employee information is stored in a secure online portal

Enable self-service access for both current and former employees

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CIC Plus & Kroger Resources

For more information about how CIC Plus’ solutions can benefit Kroger, please check out our library of datasheets and videos.

CIC Plus Overview Video

About CIC Plus

We help you manage your compliance programs, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your company. Watch this short video to learn more about all the solutions CIC Plus has to offer.

state required hr forms

About Compliance Library

Give your clients access to a library of always up-to-date forms mandated by the states, like FMLA & wage theft notification, through CIC Plus’ Compliance Library.

Onboarding Compliance

CIC Plus Onboarding

We help you deliver a consistent, streamlined onboarding experience for all your new employees—regardless of whether they are in the office or working remotely.


What our clients say

We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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