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UI/UX QA Engineer

Job Definition:

Reporting to the Quality Assurance Manager, this position is assigned to one or more high-priority, enterprise-level and internal projects for web-based, mobile and other types of applications used by internal and external clients and/or partners/companies.

The goal of this position is to provide an efficient and effective UI/UX software testing and quality assurance effort before the implementation of new application components, and/or delivery of maintenance releases. This role will assist in delivery of a comprehensive quality practice, solid testable processes and data supplemented by comprehensive documentation.

Required Skills:

Demonstrate understanding around the following competencies:

  • Testing websites for functionality, responsiveness, and usability.
  • Ensuring that each site follows our client-approved designs with an understanding of UX/UI principles, CRO principles, and ADA compliance.
  • Testing websites from the perspective of the user on all critical breakpoints across SLA defined browsers and platforms (web & mobile).
  • Assures compliance for delivered wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes.
  • Take an active role in establishing UI/UX standards and guidelines, validates visual designs that adhere to an established standard.
  • Validates complex navigation flows converting functional requirements into simple user journeys.
  • Collaborates with business units and engineering teams to review UI/UX across all LOB’s and assure the designs are implemented as specified.
  • Continuously looks for ways to improve the user experience and user interfaces, collaborating PO & Sales with intent to create more value for the business.
  • Establish and promote UX/UI design guidelines, best practices and standards based on user behavior.
  • Experienced with Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) practice and provides Built-In Quality by defining (and potentially automating) tests before, or as part of, specifying system behavior
  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) guided by Agile methodology. This includes but not limited to: Requirements/User Stories Evaluation, Evaluation of System Design, Data Structure, Functional Testing, UIT/UAT, Production Readiness, Post-Deployment maintenance.
  • Hands on experience in Quality Assurance and Testing. This includes:
  • Test Planning (PBI Analysis, Establishing Priorities, Providing Estimates)
  • Test Design (Create/Review Test Procedures, Create/Review Test Conditions, Identify/Create Test Data)
  • Test Execution (Execute Test Procedures, Create/Triage Bugs, Status Reporting, Provide Requirements Traceability)
  • UAT Support and Production implementation support.
  • Knowledge and understanding of IT Quality Assurance testing applications, methods and methodologies.
  • Flexibility in learning new products and technologies quickly, as well as the versatility to move across platforms and/or applications as needed.
  • Aptitude around test automation by executing scripts, reporting results, or having familiar knowledge with basic coding skills.
  • Ability to own project assignments and meet deadlines and work independently, as well as, in a group setting.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Consistently identifies, communicates and implements improvement opportunities.

Positions Focus:

  • Develop and deploy UI/UX testing activities providing comprehensive coverage for:
  • In-Sprint testing associated with new feature / functionality delivery.
  • End to End and target-specific regression testing activities that include validation and verification.
  • Target specific testing and business process validation with potential QA research.
  • Act as a primary or secondary point of contact for QA team as it pertains to UI/UX testing.
  • Deliver comprehensive documentation and lead knowledge transfer (KT) for the team.
  • Lead defect tracking and resolution process working with Business, PO and Development teams.
  • Deliver and maintain post-deployment V&V activities.
  • Provide reporting for status, progress and coverage.

Personal Competencies: 

Self-starter, team player, technical perspective, highly organized, goal driven, energetic, problem solver, thorough, innovative, flexible, determined, great communicator, process improvement.

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