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How Our Workday Built Integration for ACA Print & Mail Fulfillment Can Save You Time & Stress

CIC Plus has been a Workday software partner since 2013. Together, we provide seamless integrations to over 300 Workday clients. Our integrations are essential for organizations to operate at their full potential.

Our ACA integration is a game-changing solution for any Workday client currently managing the print & mailing of ACA statements in house. Why you may ask?

Through Workday, clients are able to easily send all electronic ACA statements directly to their employees. However, if an employee does not opt-in for an electronic statement (91% of employees still receive print ACA statements based on CIC Plus participation reports), then it is the client’s responsibility to print & mail physical ACA statements to those employees. Large organizations can feel especially overwhelmed with this responsibility as it can be time consuming to print and mail such a large volume of ACA statements inhouse, while ensuring timely delivery. Often times, resources have to be diverted from other important HR and benefits tasks.

That’s why we partnered with Workday to launch a Workday Built integration for print & mail fulfillment of ACA statements. Now Workday clients can seamlessly manage the printing and mailing of ACA statements at the click of a button. Our API pulls employee 1095-C data from Workday into CIC Plus’ platform for easy fulfillment. CIC Plus also validates 1094-B/1095-B and C forms against IRS business rules to ensure you stay compliant.

Our Workday Built integration for print & mail fulfillment of ACA statements has saved Workday clients a significant amount of time per tax season.

When an easy button exists for a burdensome task like printing & mailing ACA reports, why not take advantage? Reach out to CIC Plus to learn more.


Are you a Workday client struggling to keep up with the printing and mailing of your employees’ ACA statements?

We help companies print & mail ACA statements, so you can focus on your core HR and Benefit responsibilities.

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