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The Value of Building a Referral Partner Network

Referral partners are essential for expanding your reach and being introduced to qualified leads. They can be much more reliable and cost-effective than other common marketing tactics, all for a simple reason – people trust recommendations from individuals and organizations they know.

Nielsen has estimated that consumers are four times more likely to purchase something when it is recommended to them by a friend. So it’s not surprising that almost 80% of B2B marketers feel that their referral programs generate high-quality leads.

At CIC Plus, our referral partner network consists of a wide range of proven companies offering HR, payroll, and tax-related services that complement our own offerings. Let’s take a deeper look into what the CIC Plus referral partner network is all about.

The CIC Plus referral partner network

CIC Plus supports and enhances our referral partners’ client relationships by giving them the opportunity to offer complementary compliance solutions, like tax withholding, ACA reporting, year-end statements and client-specific pay statements. And the inverse is true as well – CIC Plus’ client relationships are strengthened by our ability to promote our partners’ services, like deployment support, unemployment tax services, applicant tracking systems and more.

CIC Plus and each of our partners are committed to helping employers solve their compliance, tax and business process challenges by working closely together and offering companies a more holistic set of solutions to consider.

Our referral partner network is complementary yet versatile, capable of serving a wide range of needs among customers in HR and payroll. The scope of this network enables us and our partners to serve as proactive problem solvers, overcoming a wide range of client challenges.

To build highly effective partnerships – where both parties experience the benefit – we put the following strategies into practice:

  • Collaborate on informative projects, such as education and onboarding.
  • Co-brand and co-host events as well as pieces of corporate content.
  • Cross-promote products among both CIC Plus and partner audiences.

How we select partners

Ultimately, the value of a referral partner network depends on the quality of the partners in it.

To ensure everyone in our CIC Plus ecosystem – both partners and clients – find our referral network beneficial, we look for companies that offer complementary services, target similar audiences, have similar organizational cultures, and prioritize exceptional customer experience.  

Our network is a great fit for those with the following prospect characteristics:

  • Has 3,000 or more employees.
  • Experiences high and frequent employee turnover.
  • Conducts extensive seasonal hiring.
  • Maintains a geographically dispersed workforce, e.g., a lot of remote employees.
  • Features general organizational complexity, for instance a complicated state or local tax situation.

Why it’s valuable – to both partners & clients

The CIC Plus team has seen the value of referral partnerships first-hand. Through our partner network, we are able to:

  • Accelerate brand awareness.
  • Expand partners’ reach & footprint within the market.
  • Increase partners’ value proposition to employers and ensure a better experience for them.
  • Offer a wider range of tailor-made solutions for a variety of HR, payroll, and tax scenarios.
  • With the ultimate goal of growing our partners’ client base.

Our referral partner network doesn’t just benefit our fellow partners, but it also has a significant and positive impact for our mutual clients. More specifically, these partnerships are focused on uncovering issues affecting clients and then referring one another when we’re able to overcome the client challenges identified.

CIC Plus is grateful for all the partners in our referral network. Each and every partner has collaborated with us to uncover and solve important clients’ issues. We want to thank them for their continued support and commitment. Our strong network of referral partners has enabled us to build a trusted ecosystem of complementary capabilities to confidently recommend the very best solutions to our respective clients and prospects.

To learn more about whether our referral partner network may be a good fit for you, please reach out to Alliance Director, John Sullivan for more information.