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Networking in a Stay in Place World

The global pandemic has caused us to change many facets of our life from attending sporting events to large industry conferences. While watching our favorite teams is on a hold for now, some of the large industry conferences we look forward to every year are making the leap over to digital experiences.

For example, what once were paid multi-day events, conferences like Knowledge 2020 from ServiceNow and Workday Rising will now be a free digital-only experience. The well-known APA Congress has also taken to digital for its annual event with Congress Xstream that typically connects more than 3,000 Payroll professionals.

While this transition to virtual events may take away the in-person experience that’s at the heart of most of these gatherings, attendees and hosts will still be able to get the learnings and networking that they all need from the comfort of their kitchen table. It’s good to see how our industry is changing to adjust to this new normal and make sure we stay connected while being apart.  

Tune-in and get inspired with these digital event experiences

Attending what typically is an in person, multi-day event online is a new experience for most of us. Here is a breakdown of what steps industry companies like our partners ServiceNow and Workday as well as the American Payroll Association are taking for you to get the full benefit of logging on and getting inspired with these digital event experiences.

Join on-demand breakout sessions, virtual workshops, networking lounges and much more

Many of these companies will be offering a variety of breakout sessions and virtual workshops; giving you the space to connect and hear from some of our industry leaders on best practices, modern digital workflows and the latest on platform innovations. We’re sure they will also be sharing the latest thinking on managing remote workforces.

In addition to an array of diverse sessions and workshops to choose from, these events will also be providing a virtual area for you to engage and network with other attendees as well as service providers. Spaces like chat boards or digital forums are great avenues to get connected with professionals in your industry while networking from the comfort of your own home.

Expand your online resources

On top of these digital conferences, many companies in the industry are increasing their online touchpoints to help us as a community stay connected. From free public learning platforms for essential training anytime, to weekly Q&A series to answer your employer and employee needs, industry leaders are bringing the knowledge and learning opportunities right to you.

Check-out the latest links shared around these resources on our COVID-19 response page.


Staying safe and connected

Staying safe should be everyone’s top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic – many events and conferences in the HR and Payroll industry have been moved online for good reason. With that being said, companies are going above and beyond to provide you with the best alternative experience possible given the current circumstances.

Attending ServiceNow Knowledge 2020, APA Congress, and a handful of more digital events is an excellent way to stay connected while at home. These safe spaces will give you the opportunity to pick up great information on different technologies and solutions, join the conversations your fellow peers are having around best practices within your industry, and network with different vendors and partners who can help you grow your company.

Remember, we are #inthistogether.

As we continue to learn about other HR and Payroll conferences and events moving online, we’ll be sure to update this article with the latest information.