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CIC Plus: Our Partnership Year In Review

2019 was a big year for CIC Plus – and it was due in no small part to our growing partner ecosystem. We collaborate closely with a broad spectrum of partners, who give us opportunities to work together in various ways. Together with our partners, we help employers ensure compliance, streamline processes and provide excellent employer-to-employee experiences.

For each of the partners we work with, our team establishes a strong relationship that’s designed to last. Such relationships are more vital than ever in the context of a rapidly changing HR and payroll landscape. Trends and events like the rise of AI to the evolution of Form W-4 will keep HR and payroll professionals occupied for the foreseeable future – and CIC Plus is here to help.

Here are some themes we took note of in 2019 while working with our partner network and clients.

1. Understanding digital transformation

This popular term is often used in describing adoption of new technology, such as modern HR systems or online self-service portals for employees. Cloud-based offerings, such as CIC Plus’ compliance solutions, can be particularly powerful engines of digital transformation. They streamline IT management, allow employers to reach employees on all platforms (including mobile), and simplify the process of ensuring that key assets, like compliance forms, are always up-to-date.

While tech-centric, digital transformation also applies to much more than just software and IT infrastructure. It encompasses company culture and processes, too. Accordingly, leading a successful transformation requires adept planning and collaboration across the organization, along with proper change management and an upskilled workforce.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: A Gartner survey found that two-thirds of companies felt digital transformation was integral to staying competitive, and that 88% of them needed to invest in multiple technologies to get there. This is where deep partnerships can make all the difference in ensuring a successful transition.

2. Adapting to technological acceleration

The cloud and mobile devices have reshaped not only how HR departments operate, but what employees expect from them. The days of needing to navigate a confusing phone tree or wait for important documents in the mail are gradually coming to an end, thanks to these technologies enabling better self-service.

We should expect even more transformative changes in technology in the years ahead, especially as many organizations seek to move toward cloud-based HCM platforms. While HCM adoption rates are relatively high, many companies aren’t satisfied with their solutions and are looking for a better way forward.

This is possible with the right technologies and the partners to implement them. For example, CIC Plus works with technology partners such as: Workday, Oracle and Cornerstone that allow employers to maximize their technology investments, while addressing needs such as local tax withholding, compliance forms and ACA reporting and print fulfillment.

3. Adjusting to new forms

2020 is set to be a big year for changes to compliance forms. The new Form W-4 has arrived; we’ve written a few times about that, so be sure to check out our rundown of what the updates mean.

Meanwhile, ACA reporting continues to evolve at the state level. In states like New Jersey and the District of Columbia, certain employers must now submit detailed ACA reports, even though the individual mandate and penalty are effectively null at the federal level.

Since the beginning, CIC Plus has assisted employers with ACA compliance, tax forms, and HCM system upgrades and transitions, in large part by leveraging our crucial partner network. We look forward to continuing our work in the 2020s and beyond.

4.  Embracing a strong partner ecosystem

Today’s leading HCM systems have numerous dependencies on partner-provided technologies. These additions are essential in enhancing the functionality of such platforms, so that they can serve quickly evolving and frequently complex requirements, ranging from changes in forms like the W-4, changes in other federal, state & local HR/Payroll compliance regulations, to the addition of self-service capabilities for employees.

All of this means that pre- and post-sale, an ecosystem of partners are being called upon more and more to assist companies in achieving their goals and fulfilling their platform needs. It’s important for them to know what value the partner is adding and how their offering fits into the solutions being implemented.

CIC Plus embraces a “better together” philosophy, under which we deliver complementary solutions for partners to, in turn, help employers simplify their compliance and reporting. Our partner network is built to give our customers everything they need in today’s tech-driven HCM landscape.

Closing Thoughts

We continue to work closely with our partners to ensure we’re staying on top of the industry’s changing needs to make sure we meet your evolving compliance requirements.

CIC Plus brings 20-years of expertise to our partnerships, so compliance is never overlooked – whether a company is going through a massive HR transformation/HCM deployment or simply tired of managing a manual process. Do you want to learn more about how our partnerships and integrations overcome complex compliance problems? Click here to connect with one of our partnership experts.