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Social Security Administration Mailing W-2 Mismatch Letters

The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that they are sending informational notices, Educational Correspondence (EDCOR), to employers who submit W-2 Forms with name and Social Security Number (SSN) combinations that do not match the SSA records. The SSA encourages employers to register for their Business Services Online (BSO) tool to ensure the accuracy of wage reporting. The EDCOR notice contains information regarding the services available on the BSO website and filing tips to ensure accuracy.  

Beginning in spring 2019, the SSA will send Employer Correction Request letters to notify employers that the information they submitted contained name/SSN mismatches. The employer will need to log into their BSO account to see the name/SSN mismatches. The SSA will need corrected information from the employer to be able to apply the earnings to the correct person.  

More information and examples of the notification letters can be found on the SSA website.