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IRS Delays New Version of W-4

The IRS announced that a new version of the W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate, will be delayed until 2020 after receiving feedback from the payroll and tax communities. The American Payroll Association had encouraged the IRS to provide enough time for employers to make necessary upgrades to systems and processes before introducing the new tax form.

The APA commended the IRS for accepting its recommendation to delay major changes, “These efforts will return dividends for U.S. employers by reducing the cost of compliance and easing the transition burden on American businesses.”

The 2019 W-4 will be similar to the 2018 version. The IRS expects to have a draft version of the 2019 form available in the coming weeks.

The IRS continues to encourage taxpayers to review their 2018 withholding to ensure the correct withholding and avoiding any surprises when filing their tax returns. A withholding calculator to give your paycheck a “checkup” is available on the IRS website.

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