Compliance Corner

Social Security Administration Mailing W-2 Mismatch letters

  • 27 August

The Social Security Administration will begin sending mismatch letters in spring 2019 to employers who submit W-2 Forms with name and Social Security Number combinations that do not match the SSA records.


Understanding IRS 227 Letters

  • 22 August

Once the employer responds to the Letter 226-J, the IRS will respond with one of five versions of Letter 227...


Why you should consider signing up for an IRS and SSA Individual Accounts

  • 28 July

Signing up for a personal account with the IRS and SSA gives you access to important personal information--and more importantly protects your information from identity theft.


IRS Releases Draft 2019 Form W-4

  • 24 July

The IRS has released a draft 2019 Form W-4 and separate instructions for Form W-4. We take a look at the preliminary changes.


Changing Requirements for Electronic Distribution of the T4 Slip

  • 10 July

A new law makes it easier for employers to provide electronic delivery of T4 slips. However, there are some stipulations that employers must keep in mind.


When Do Tax Forms Need to Be Sent to the State?

  • 19 June

Remembering when to report Employee Withholding Certificates can be difficult with each state having its own requirements. Our reference guide should help!


Employer EITC State Notice Requirements

  • 18 June

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a Federal program that provides benefits for some low to moderate income workers. The IRS, eight states and one locality have adopted requirements that employers notify all or some of their employees working in those states of the EITC program and their potential edibility to receive benefits.


IRS Encourages Employees to Give Their Paychecks a "Checkup" using IRS Withholding Calculator

  • 18 June

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made significant changes to the tax laws, which may cause taxpayers to have too much or too little withheld from their paychecks. Employers should encourage their employees to use the new IRS withholding calculator to confirm their withholding.


Welcome to Compliance Corner

  • 09 May

The dizzying pace of change in employer compliance oftentimes leave companies wondering where to turn next.