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Cost of Poor I-9 Compliance

The Cost of Poor I-9 Compliance

The I-9 process can be tricky for many employers

We’ve written this piece to help HR Managers complete I-9 forms- completely, accurately, and on time.

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With Brian Elfrink and Gordon MiddletonCompliance Tip of the Week

Many employers struggle to complete I-9s in a timely manner.  This is a non-correctable, or “substantive” error which is subject to a fine.  Employers who struggle with timeliness should consider completing the entire I-9 prior to the first day of work for pay.  Once an offer and acceptance has occurred, the employer may complete the I-9 in its entirety.  Employers who use E-Verify should keep in mind that an E-Verify case may only be created up to 90 days prior to the employee’s first day of work for pay.