Payroll Professionals as Special Agents?

  • 10 July

Payroll professionals might not find themselves careening down the side of a mountain in frantic pursuit of the bad guys like England’s famous special agent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face their own harrowing feats.


How Technology Supports Change Management

  • 26 June

Change is hard, especially when you're an organization with thousands of employees located across various office locations. Using the right technology can help.


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What to Do Now

  • 25 June

The federal, state and local tax implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) are far-reaching and create numerous administrative challenges for employers. If you missed our recent tax reform webinar with Ernest & Young, get caught up with this review.


Monitoring Employee Travel Can Be Taxing

  • 04 May

Employee travel is a part of doing business. However, monitoring the specific travel details of employees for tax purposes is becoming more challenging than trying to cash in frequent flyer miles. Learn what the best options are for making sure your employee travel information is properly maintained.


Payroll Impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

  • 09 February

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is the most significant change of the U.S. tax system for employers in more than two decades. With little time to plan and respond, it’s critical for employers to understand what’s changing, the impact on employees and what you need to do now to respond.


How to Meet the Information Needs of Terminated Employees

  • 06 February

Employees leave. It happens. Yet, when employees walk out the door, the support responsibility for HR and Payroll doesn’t end. In fact, the hard work may just be starting.


Top 2018 HR Technology Trends

  • 25 January

What technology trends will help shape the HR landscape in the coming year and beyond?


Help Employees Avoid Income Tax Fraud This Tax Season

  • 27 December

Odds are that income tax fraud can happen to you or someone you know. Fraudsters are out in force preying on unsuspecting victims. What can employers do today to help prevent tax fraud for their employees.


Getting Employees to Click for Online Delivery of Tax Statements

  • 13 December

There’s little debate, electronic delivery of year-end tax statements is good for everyone. Employees who want to file taxes early get statements online up to two weeks before mailed statements. It’s more efficient and cost effective for employers, and even the environment benefits. So, then why is it so hard to get employees to enroll?


Agile HR: The New Rules

  • 07 November

Agile methodology is for software development, right? Not so fast...learn how to turn your HR department into an adaptable, productive, agile machine.


Can You Afford Not to Be in Compliance?

  • 27 September

Maintaining compliance for all tax and employment situations isn’t easy. Yet, the costs of being out of compliance can be far greater and with more lasting consequences for companies.


Are your employees' secrets actually secrets?

  • 16 September

Determining if a website visitor, email sender, or phone caller is really who he claims to be is challenging. Many identifiers that have historically been used to verify identities have been leaked, stolen, or can easily be found in public directories. Armed with these data elements, an unauthorized individual could potentially abuse employee self-service systems that rely on these data elements being secretive.


Take Notice: What you Need to Know About Employee Wage Notices

  • 22 August

With lawmakers introducing new legislation aimed at stiffening employer penalties for cases of wage theft and a growing number of states and major cities requiring employee wage notices, it’s time for HR and Payroll teams to sit up and take notice.


How to Engage Your Fastest-Growing Employee Group: Millennials

  • 16 June

Employee engagement sits near the top of every organization's HR priority list, yet 70% of U.S. employees are disengaged. How do you fix this costly trend? Start by creating an engagement strategy for your fastest-growing employee group: millennials.


How to Give Your New Employees a Positive Onboarding Experience

  • 20 March

You established the business case for more headcount, interviewed numerous candidates, checked references, made an offer and your top candidate accepted. Job complete! Well…not so fast. A seamless employee onboarding experience is the first impression that leads directly to improved retention and productivity.