Take the next step with online pay stubs

Online Pay Statements

Enabling employees to access their paperless pay statements

Our technology takes your payroll process out of envelopes and onto the web. Your employees can access their pay statements through an online portal on their one time, even on mobile devices. 

Empower your employees

We want online pay statements to be easy for your employees. They will have access to everything, so they won’t have to get it from your payroll department. Your empowered employees can:
  • Use the portal easily with no training
  • Receive text and email notifications of new pay statements 
  • Access past information easily
  • Read it in English, Spanish, or French (it’s multi-language)
  • Have pay statements faxed on demand

Mobile pay statements for access on-the-go

Our online pay statements solution has a specific mobile web site that let’s your employees see their pay information from their smartphone. Our site gives employees pay statement access wherever they are, even when they’re not near a computer.

Add efficiency to your pay statement process

Our solution is much more than just pay statements. We help you communicate with your employees whether it’s for wages, bonuses, or a company meeting. Through our online portal, you can:
  • Process multiple pay statement files per period (normal, bonus, etc.)
  • Select a release date no matter when you upload
  • Create multi-page pay statements (e.g. flights, multiple locations, jobs)
  • Customize the pay statement layout or use a template
  • Manage system access with an audit trail of every transaction
  • Write the email and text notification content, quickly and easily reaching every employee
  • Receive results of processed files in minutes (yes, minutes!)
With our system, you can manage your pay statements and feel secure because we use 128 bit SSL to encrypt the entire site.

Take the next step (to save extra steps)

This solution saves your company's money and your department’s time. To see how we can move your pay statement process online, request a demo today.