Welcome to CIC Plus. Introducing the Power of Plus.

About Us

Our plus is what makes us different

Your job is working with people. Our job is working with you (not just for you). We don’t simply provide a product. It’s much more than that. We create a trusted relationship. You’re not a customer; you’re our partner

The difference is the personal experience you have with us that you can’t find other places. This is what we like to call the Power of Plus.
This is in everything we do. Whether it’s creating a new solution, proactively identifying regulatory changes, implementing existing solutions, or just a helpful phone call, CIC Plus is based on working with you to make your career and life better.
You’ll see our logo changed. It was suggested that we remove the plus sign completely from it, but we didn’t. We took it and made it stand out.
The plus is something extra. It’s what makes us special. It’s the phone call to a real person that you can count on. CIC Plus is a technology company, but first and foremost we’re people working to help you. That’s the Power of Plus!

Our mission

To improve the lives and careers of HR and payroll departments through the use of our world-class, technological online forms management solutions with employee self-service while providing the best customer service in the industry.